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PL 29.05.2018 - Mike Korbik (Mikko) - Guitars Galore #216

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  1. Traffic - You Can All Join In (UK/1968)
  2. Iron Butterfly - Most Anything You Want (USA/1968)
  3. Free - I'm A Mover (UK/1968)
  4. The United States Of America - Hard Coming Love (USA/1968)
  5. The Mothers Of Invention - Mr. Green Genes (USA/1969)
  6. The Matadors - It's All Over Now Baby Blue (CZ/1969)
  7. Spirit - Mechanical World (USA/1968)
  8. Pink Floyd - The Nile Song (UK/1969)
  9. Amon Düül II - Kanaan (D/1969)
  10. White Noise - Your Hidden Dreams (UK/1969)
  11. Group 1850 - I Put My Hand On Your Shoulder (NL/1968)
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