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PL 26.05.2011 - Mike Korbik (Mikko) - Guitars Galore

  1. The Lemonbabies - Wonderin' How (Poeck It!, Twang!, D/1994)
  2. The Grip Weeds - Out Of Today (House Of Vibes, Twang!, USA/1994)
  3. The Looney Tones - Miracles (Thanxgiving, Twang!, D/1995)
  4. Cuban Rebel Girls - You're Bringing Me Down (V.A. - Tomorrow's Pebbles Today, Twang!, D/1995)
  5. The Twang All Stars - Psychedelic Situation (Single, Twang!, D/1995)
  6. The Treblemakers - Anything About You (V.A. - Tomorrow's Pebbles Today, Twang!, USA/1995)
  7. Lost Patrol - Madness Is Mine (V.A. - Tomorrow's Pebbles Today, Twang!, CND/1995)
  8. Leeman - Not Strong Enough (V.A. - Tomorrow's Pebbles Today, Twang!, D/1995)
  9. Mind Kiosk - Out Of My Mind (Mind Kiosk I, Twang!, D/1995)
  10. The Lemonbabies - Nothing I Can Do (Pussy!Pop, Twang!, D/1995)
  11. The Heartbeats - A Case Of Blues (Two Down, Four To Go, Twang!, D/1995)
  12. The Early Hours- She's A GoGo (Greatest Hits Vol. 1, Twang!, AUS/1996)
  13. The Cybermen - Get To Grips (Needle's Eye, Twang!, FIN/1996)
  14. Mind Kiosk - Turn Back Time (Mind Kiosk II, Twang!, D/1997)
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