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PL 24.11.2015 - Philipp (Scorechaser) - KopfKino #79

  1. John Williams - The Float (Catch Me If You Can)
  2. James Newton Howard - What Are You Asking Me? (The Village)
  3. Patrick Doyle - My Father's Favorite )Sense And Sensibility)
  4. Joel McNeely - Main Titles (Lover's Prayer)
  5. Philip Glass - Life In The Mouintains (The Illousionist)
  6. Christopher Young - Grady Tripp (The Wonder Boys)
  7. Hans Zimmer - Repo Man (An Everlasting Peace)
  8. Jerry Goldsmith - Main Title Alternative (The Edge)
  9. Howard Shore - Sapperstein (The Score)
  10. Alexandre Desplat - The Truth About Ruth (The Ghost Writer)
  11. Danny Elfman - Edward, The Barber (Edward Scissorhands)
  12. Michael Nyman - Fireworks At Display (The Claim)
  13. James Horner - Whistler's Escape (Sneakers)
  14. Georges Delerue - Agnes Of God (Agnes Of God)
  15. Maurice Jarre - The First Kiss (A Walk In The Clouds)

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