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PL 07.01.2014 - Mike Korbik (Mikko) - Guitars Galore #99

Mikkos Alben-Charts 2013
(gespielte Reihenfolge, Platz 13 - 1)

  1. The Bevis Frond - The Garden Feature (White Numbers, UK/2013)
  2. Mona & Maria - Babyflowers (My Sun, N/2013)
  3. The Sadies - Starting All Over Again (Internal Sounds, CND/2013)
  4. Savages - She Will (Silence Yourself, UK/2013)
  5. Wolf & Cub - Can't Remember The Last Time (Heavy Weight, AUS/2013)
  6. Primal Scream - Turn Each Other Inside Out (More Light, UK/2013)
  7. Ruotomieli - Mäihä (Kovempi kuin muut, FIN/2013)
  8. Pins - Girls Like Us (Girls Like Us, UK/2013)
  9. Jacco Gardner - Clear The Air (Cabinet Of Curiosities, NL/2013)
  10. Them Bird Things - I Know Who Killed Robert Johnson (Pachyderm Nightmare, FIN/2013)
  11. Eric Burdon - Medicine Man (Til Your River Runs Dry, USA/2013)
  12. The Groovy Cellar - I See You And I See Myself In You (Affordable Art For All, D/2013)
  13. Black Sabbath - Loner (13, UK/2013)

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