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PL 13.05.2010: "Pure Pop Pleasures", "Raw Air Vol. 35", "Welcher Thread-Quiz"

Roland Linde (Herr Rossi): "Pure Pop Pleasures"
  1. Lucky Soul: Love3
  2. Allo, Darlin': Henry Rollins Don't Dance
  3. Kate Nash: Take Me to a Higher Plane
  4. Dum Dum Girls: Jail La La
  5. Avi Buffalo: What's In It For?
  6. Nada Surf: Electrocution
  7. Class Actress: Let Me Take You Out
  8. Hari And Aino: Dry
  9. Lucky Soul: Upon Hilly Fields
  10. Caitlin Rose: Pretty Papers
  11. Sia: Bring Night
  12. Troy This!: American Dream (Happy Song) (feat. Robyn)
  13. Kelis: Acapella (Raw Man Remix)
  14. Janelle Monáe: Tightrope (featuring Big Boi)
  15. Erykah Badu: Window Seat
  16. Kate Nash: Monologue From "Mansion Song"
  17. Historyteachers: Pompeii
Jörg Janning (pipe-bowl): "Raw Air Vol. 35"
  1. Helldorado - Helltown
  2. Nicolai Dunger - Tears in a childs eye
  3. Brothers of End - Too late
  4. The Cardigans - Good morning Joan
  5. Minor Majority - Up for you and I
  6. Washington - Aftermath
  7. Midnight Choir - Mercy of Maria
  8. Baskery - Here to pay my dues
  9. Hyacinth House - Black crow's country
  10. The Book of Daniel - Rabbit boy
  11. Holmes - A new still morning
  12. Lena Malmborg - Peace of mind
  13. Anders Osborne - Snake bit
Uli (Dougsahm): "Welcher Thread-Quiz"
  1. Jimmy Smith – Walk On The Wild Side
  2. Booker T. & The MG’s – Melting Pot
  3. Shirley Scott & The Soul Saxes – (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman
  4. Barbara Dennerlein – Killer Joe
  5. Curtis Amy & Paul Bryant – Meetin’ Here
  6. Lou Donaldson – Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky
  7. Jake Langley – The End Of The Love Affair
  8. Booker T. & The MG’s – The Beat Goes On
  9. “Wild” Bill Davis & Danny Doritz – Struttin’ With Some Barbecue
  10. Shirley Scott & The Soul Saxes – I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free
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