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PL 18.09.2012 - Mike Korbik (mikko) - Guitars Galore #73


  1. Darling - Voice On The Radio (Single, Charisma, UK/1979)
  2. Josie Cotton - He Could Be The One (Single, Elektra, USA/1982)
  3. Susan Fassbender - Merry-Go-Round (Single, CBS, USA/1981)
  4. Da Biz - On The Beach (Single, Sire Records, UK/1980)
  5. Ronnie Urini + Venus - Summer Wine (Single, Echo, A/1987)
  6. The Artwoods - Molly Anderson's Cookery Book (Single, Decca, UK/1966)
  7. Joe South - Hush (Single, Capitol, USA/1970)
  8. Les Sauterelles - Brucerai (Single, Feathered Apple, CH/1967/2012)
  9. Les Sauterelles - It's Nothing (Single, Feathered Apple, CH/1967/2012)
  10. Big Boy Pete - Cold Turkey (Single, Polydor, UK/1968)
  11. The Painted Faces - Anxious Color (Single, Manhattan, USA/1967)
  12. The All Night Workers - Why Don't You Smile (Single, Round Sound, USA/1965)
  13. Tages - In My Dreams (Single, Ariola, S/1967)
  14. Fever Tree - Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing (Single, Uni Records, USA/1968)
  15. Esther & Abi Ofarim - Morning Of My Life (Single, Philips, D/ISR/1967)
  16. Paul Jones - And The Sun Will Shine (Single, EMI Columbia, UK/1967)
  17. P.F. Sloan - Karma (Single, Dunhill, USA/1967)
  18. Vixen - Love Is A Killer (Single, EMI USA, USA/1990)

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