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PL 23.08.2012 - Thomas (thokei) - Powertool & Friends #18


  1. Burial at Sea- Who´s gonna love you
  2. Dead Famous People- Postcard from Paradise
  3. Bic Runga- Strangers
  4. One*Man*Bannister- And you bird can sing
  5. Come Down Kid- Locked and Loaded
  6. Come Down Kid- Falling into pieces
  7. Nick Raven- Sweet Sweet Smile
  8. The Bats- Fingers of Dawn
  9. Bored Gordon- Peter Pan
  10. Poetical Licence- Room 101
  11. One*Man*Bannister- Good day sunshine
  12. The Cyrillic Typewriter- Written in red, written in black
  13. Sandra Bell- Seas of the Moon
  14. Nick Raven- Butterfly High (but i fly so high)
  15. Come Down Kid- She makes this place home
  16. The Verlaines- What sound is this?

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