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PL 20.04.2010: "Villa Bäh lädt ein", "Versus 111", "The House of RS"

Jan Wölfer (j.w.): "Villa Bäh lädt ein"

Dirk Hansmann (grizz): "Versus 111"
  1. Slade – Get down get with it
  2. The Kings of Nuthin’ – If I were you
  3. The Elvis Brothers – (I know you) shake it
  4. The Zodiac Motel – Crystal Injection
  5. The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs – Red River down
  6. The Peepshows – Between a Rock and a hard Place
  7. Los Putas – Dance with me Baby
  8. The Swingin’ Neckbreakers –Thinkin’ Man’s Girl
  9. The Maharajas – Odd Socks
  10. Nine Pound Hammer – Hayseed Timebomb
  11. Heavy Trash – Pure Gold
  12. The Oblivians – I don’t wanna live alone
  13. Lee Harvey Oswald Band – Panic in Hanoi
  14. The Leftovers – Cigarettes & Alcohol
  15. Libertine – Beautiful Disaster
  16. The Moodists – The Diciples know
  17. Speedball Baby – Suicide Girl

Uli (dougsahm): "The House of the RS"

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